Late #17 Teardrop

I'm really behind with this, but I thought it'd be silly if I failed to do a sketch for my own prompt! So there it goes.


I am so sorry you guys! Greg's trip to China, picking up my dad at the airport and Thanksgiving preparations made me forget about this!

What about "Thankful" to fit the celebration?

Sorry about the delay!


How I must look to an outside observer while I am trying to meet the deadline for the Sweet Sketch Club :)

Prompt #17 Teardrop

I didn't realize it was my turn again :D  So my prompt for this week is "Teardrop"



It was meant to have little swamp fairies, maybe I'll draw some in tomorrow and update it :)


Rushing to escape from a creeper of sorts :)!

(Edit:  Updated with the finished image)


Prompt #16: Rush

This prompt is totally up to date with the way I'm feeling now! Hopefully I'll find a bit of more peaceful time to draw this sketch (and all the previous ones I've missed) and I'd love to see some rush in your way.