9: Pocahontas

Inspired by Hanna, I also went with a Disney character, Pocahontas is probably my favourite Disney's heroine for her many virtues. As you can see, I did not use reference, not as a feat or a "lookit I'm awesome" thing, but because I feel I am already influenced enough by Disney and I did not want to just end up copying her, I wanted some of me to show through... which I think it didn't :/

Additionally, Summer is killing me too, but for other reasons. I am pregnant and the first trimester is really rough on me.


  1. Oh, I liked Pocahontas so much too... But I think that my favourite was Mulan. She was taught and a good role model :)

    1. I like Mulan too, but Pocahontas strikes a chord with me with all the love for nature, love thy neighbour thing :) I am hippie like that!

  2. Oh, and congratulations on your upcoming baby :)