#12: fortnight

Next month my husband will be leaving to China to help a lab to get their techniques in place. Quite impressive, isn't it?
Ignacio, baby#2 and I will be waiting for a fortnight for him to return. Ignacio does not yet understand time, but I was planning to make a calendar and mark the days so he has some notion that daddy's return is getting closer.


  1. sweet little baby on the hip. Bet he'll miss daddy.

  2. I know that feeling! The pictures of you and Ignacio are always so charming :)

  3. Thank you!
    He will miss him. He asks every dad "tata?" several times during the day. "Tata is working, he will come home later" "tata?" so yes, I expect November to be pretty angsty, I will have to do a lot of things to keep him distracted.